Learning At Home

There has been a lot of debate recently regarding the importance and value of homework tasks set by schools. Please find below the Learning At Home document published by Education Scotland outlining the value of Learning at Home tasks.

Homework is on our Improvement Plan this year and we will be seeking stakeholders opinions on the format of the homework we provide and any changes that could be made to make it more valuable to our young people and their learning. We will be using this document as a starting point for our discussions.

Please find the document here.

School Newsletter

The new school newsletter is available on the website. Click here to read it.

We have also emailed it to all of our parents. If you have not received your copy or received it in error please email the school on gw14newfieldpsoffice@glow.sch.uk with all your details.

Due to the way the system works parents will be sent more than one email if they have more than one child in the school. Unfortunately this cannot be avoided.

Thank you.