Nursery Pages

Newfield Primary Nursery Class Staff

Mrs Laura Horn – Head of School and Nursery

Miss Denise Corke – Depute Head

Mrs Elizabeth Brown – Nursery Teacher Mon-Thur

Ms Roslyn Thomson – Early Years Team Leader

Mrs Nicola Conner- Early Years Worker pm

Mrs Claire Dunn- Early Years Worker

Mrs Charlotte Valentine – Early Years Worker am

Mrs Melissa Anderson – Early Years Worker

The staff at Newfield Nursery aim to work toward a service which provides a happy, safe and flexible environment, which allows every child to develop to their full potential.

In our Nursery class your child will be secure and happy. We strive to provide a variety of opportunities through play, which will help your child to develop certain skills.

The Nursery follows the Education Document Curriculum For Excellence. The children aim to become Effective Contributors, Successful Learners, Confident individuals and Responsible Citizens.

This is delivered by addressing the following specific aims:

1.To offer a stimulating and educational environment, which provides a broad, balanced curriculum.

2. To raise attainment by encouraging pupils toward their full potential suitable to their age, aptitude and ability.

3. To review, assess and amend nursery policies with regard to the monitoring and recording of pupil’s progress to meet the recommendations of the Curriculum for Excellence.

4. To provide support for learning as required.

5. To foster good home/nursery relationships.

6. To encourage the children to take a pride in their work and appearance and to develop a degree of self discipline.

7. To develop good links with other nurseries, schools outside agencies and the wider community.

8. To maximise the use of available resources to enhance the learning process.

9. To ensure the staff have the opportunity for staff development.

10. To ensure the quality of education through self-education, effective planning and management.