Current Eco Initiatives

We are continuing to recycle old clothes, shoes, belts, handbags and blankets in our yellow wheelie bins. For every kilogram we collect the school receive 50p. All the funds raised go towards resources and equipment for the pupils. Last year we raised an amazing £461!

Once a term we conduct a Packed Lunch Survey where we look at two things:

  1. How many pieces of fruit and vegetables children have in their packed lunch.
  2. How much waste thyme create from the food they have eaten.

On that day we remove the bins from the packed lunch area and encourage the children to take their waste (both wrapping and food) home for parents to see. Once a year we give out a handy hints sheet to give parents an idea of how to reduce the waste that packed lunches create. It is hoped that we can gradually reduce the amount of rubbish we send to the landfill site and create a greener society.

Once a term we conduct a Traffic Survey to record the number of cars and the number of children that get dropped off and picked up from school. Our goal is to reduce the amount of traffic outside our school and therefore reduce the pollution that is being created.

We have a designated Park and Stride point at the Lifestyles Centre to help to reduce the volume of traffic at our school gates every day. We would encourage parents, who bring their children by car, to school to drop them at the Lifestyle Centre and let them walk the short distance to the school.

Every year we update out School Travel Plan ensuring it contains the most up to date information about how the children and adults in our school travel to and from the building. The Plan also contains our aims and targets for the coming year. We are always looking to reduce traffic outside the school gates every day and encourage more children to make healthy yet safe choices regarding travelling to school.

Every room in the school has a Blue Recycling Bin. This works in the same way as the household blue bins. Children can put paper, card and plastic into the bins and they are collected weekly, counted and put into our recycling bins in the Bin Store. They are collected by the council and sent to the recycling centre just ike the household waste.

We have Light Switch Monitors who check the classroom lights at playtime and lunchtime every day to ensure that we are saving electricity by remembering to switch off lights when not in use and close doors to keep the heat in. The winning class is the class who remeber to switch off their lights every day. The prize is time at the trim trail in the playground or an extra playtime.

If any of our Eco Committee witnesses a pupil doing a good ‘Eco’ deed in school or in the playground they can complete a slip detailing what they saw and put it into our Eco Champions box in the Library area. Every assembly Mrs Horn reads our the slips and those nominated receive an Eco sticker and a pint for their house.