About us

Newfield Primary and Nursery is a non-denominational school and nursery establishment situated in Stonehouse village in South Lanarkshire. We moved into our bright and modern new building in August 2011 and have enjoyed our new surroundings ever since.

Our new school has a huge selection of modern facilities which allow us to deliver exciting and interesting lessons.

  • A large gym hall with stage
  • Sound system and lighting system within the gym hall
  • Light and spacious Dining Hall
  • An ICT suite with 16 workstations, 8 Netbooks and an interactive Vertable/whiteboard
  • 8 classrooms – 5 with 2 computers, 3 with 3 computers
  • Ebeam technology in every room
  • Two trolleys that house 32 Ipad minis
  • 2 large open areas
  • 1 well stocked library
  • A bright and welcoming Nursery which can accomodate 30 children in the morning and 30 in the afternoon
  • A huge 4G outdoor pitch
  • A large outdoor shelter in the garden
  • A bike shed for housing scooters and bikes
  • A garden area with trees, planters, grass and a wild garden
  • Quiet area at the front of the building with seating
  • Timber Trail in the garden

We try to make best use of our outdoor area and currently have 10 posts situated in the playground for Orienteering activities. We use our Outdoor Shelter during lessons and often take out our Outdoor boxes which are full of equipment for us to use outside for learning. We encourage wildlife to our Garden by using bug hotels and bird feeders. We also have rainwater catchers and a weather station.