Meet the Staff


Head Teacher – Mrs Laura Horn

Acting Depute Head – Miss Denise Corke

Room 8 P.7 – Mrs  Lauren Murray

Room 7 P.6 – Mrs Amanda Johnston (Acting Principal Teacher)

Room 6 P.5/6  Mrs Ruth Colquhoun and Mrs Katie Paton

Room 5 P.5 – Mr Stephen Rae

Room 4 P.4 – Mrs Lynsey Forsyth

Room 3 P3- Mrs Alix Jones

Room 2 P2- Miss Ellie Bryce and Mrs Katie Paton

Room 1 P.1 – Mrs Denise McCafferty

PEF/CCC – Miss Francesca Di Nardo

PEF – Miss Kirsty Magee

Nursery Teacher Mon-Thurs – Mrs Elizabeth Brown

Nursery Teacher Friday – Miss Kirsty Magee

Early Years Teamleader – Ms Roslyn Thomson

Early Years Worker – Mrs Melissa Anderson

Early Years Worker Wed – Fri – Mrs Nicola Connor

Early Years Worker – Mrs Claire Dunn

Early Years Worker – Mrs Charlotte Valentine

Support Staff Teamleader – Mrs Kerry Hughes

Support Staff – Mrs Margaret Hamilton

Support Staff – Miss Jacqueline Healy

Support Staff – Mrs Lynsey McLean

Support Staff – Mrs Angela Robinson-Brown

Support Staff – Mrs Margaret Stewart

Janitor – Mr Tom Leckenby

Cook In Charge/Cleaning staff – Mrs Shona Thompson

Cook In Charge – Mrs Susan McCormick

Catering staff – Ms Suzanne Campbell

Catering staff – Mrs Marion Rennie

Catering staff – Mrs Lesley Weir

Cleaning Supervisor – Mrs Fiona Copeland

Catering/Cleaning Staff – Mrs Liz Watson

Cleaning Staff – Ms Claire Mackie