School Houses

At Newfield Primary School the children are divided into four houses: Avon, Cander, Clyde and Nethan. The houses are decided randomly so we ensure we have an equal spread across the school.

At the start of the year election are held to appoint House Captains and Vice-Captains. This year’s captains and vice-captains are as follows:

Cander Captain: Eve Trench                   Vice-Captain: Amy Bell

Avon Captain: Rian Bishop                       Vice-Captain: Tyler McLellan

Clyde Captain: Jak Weir                     Vice-Captain: Josh McMillan

Nethan Captain: Leah Gilmour                         Vice-Captain: Kirsten Prentice

The children take part in various house events throughout the year and collect points for participation and achievement. Points are also given out during assemblies: children who are awarded Achivement and Citizenship certificates gain one point for their house and children who take part in Sporting events for the school also gain one point for their house.

At the end of the school year the points are counted and the winning house is presented the House Cup for Endeavour and the House Shield for Sport.

The current cup holders are Nethan and the Shield holders are Nethan.